Pet Hotel & Boarding Booking


#Id Name Description Address City State
783 Andrea Guarderia Canina y Traslado de Mascotas Cnel. Dorrego 761, Lomas del Mirador La Matanza
787 Inteligencia Canina (Universidad) We have 10 locations in Mexico City and Estado de Mexico Av. Universidad #612 Col. Letran Valle Mexico
788 Los Campos En la parte interna de los campos, se encuentran las suites (habitaciones para perros) que cuentan con 110m cubiertos, las mismas poseen ventilación apropiada y calefacción, sillones, camitas, puff (fiacas), colchonetas con mantas para dormir, música funcional y televisión. Contamos con una sala de juegos techada para los días de lluvia, y tanto el hotel como las suites están ambientadas lo más parecido posible a un hogar para que los perros se sientan como en su casa. Durante la semana los perros hospedados tienen clase con nuestra profesora e Instructora Canina Profesional, quien es la responsable de jugar con ellos y educarlos en su estadía. Contamos también con el “spa los campos” para que tu perro regrese a tu hogar mas hermoso de lo que es. Además tenemos un almacen para proporcionar el alimento balanceado en los comederos, cocina, heladera y microondas para aquellos perros que comen comida casera. En los campos contamos con una sala de enfermería para primeros auxilios y controles de rutina diarios. ... Inside, there are suites (rooms for dogs) that have 110m covered, they have proper ventilation and heating, armchairs, dogs beds, puff (fiacas), mats with sleeping blankets, functional music and television. We have a covered games room for rainy days, and both the hotel and the suites are set as close as possible to the house so that the dogs feel at home. During the week, the housed dogs have a class with our professional Canine Teacher and Instructor, who is responsible for playing with them and educating them during their stay. We also have the "spa fields" so that your dog returns to your home beautiful. We also have a warehouse to provide balanced food in the feeders, kitchen, refrigerator and microwave for those dogs that eat homemade food. In the fields we have a nursing room for first aid and daily routine checks. José Gervasio de Artigas 6605, Del Viso Pilar
789 Sweet Puppies Av. Gral. Mosconi 2750 CABA
790 Animal Hotel Somos una empresa con 15 años de experiencia en el cuidado y traslado de mascotas. Nuestro objetivo es el de ofrecerle la seguridad a nuestros clientes de que sus mascotas estarán debidamente cuidadas, ya sea que se trate de una estadía como de un traslado. Tenemos un hotel para mascotas ubicado en la localidad de Ranelagh, Pcia. de Buenos Aires en un area de 800 mts2. El mismo cuenta con 14 caniles con correderas y espacio verde para recreación. Esparcimiento y seguridad garantizados. ... We are a 15 years of experience company, in pets care and transfer. Our goal is to offer the security to our customers that their pets will be cared, whether if they are staying or moved. We have a pet hotel located in the town of Ranelagh, Province of Buenos Aires in an area of 800 m2. It has 14 rails with slides and green space for recreation. Entertainment and security, guaranteed. Calle 40 Nº4936, Ranelagh Berazategui
791 Inteligencia Canina (B. Franklin) We Have 10 locations in Mexico City and Estado de Mexico Calle Carlos B Zetina #35 Col. Escandon Mexico
792 Inteligencia Canina (parroquia) Parroquia #828 Col. Del Valle Sur
797 Inteligencia Canina (Parroquia) We Have 10 locations inMexico City and Estado de Mexico Calle Parroquia #828 Col. Del Valle Sur Mexico
798 Animal Training Cerrada Manzanitas #58, Contadero Delegacion Cuajimalpa
802 Animal Training Cerrada Manzanitas #58, Contadero Mexico
803 UrbanPetmx We are very close from Downtown Calle Popocatepetl #11 Col. Condesa Mexico
805 Dog Park 2a. Cerrada de Central #8 Col. Nueva Santa Maria Mexico
806 Pension Canina Campestre K Y C Av. La Turba & Borago, Col. La Draga Mexico
808 Barks and Tales Dog Spa DAY CARE Let's face it - there are many times when we have to leave our pets alone during the day while we take care of our own obligations. The sad-eyed look they give us as we walk out the door, is enough to tear your heart out!. Some people pay up to $20 per hour for a pet sitter to walk and spend a short period of time with their pets. Why do that when daycare is available? All guest are given a nap and feeding time between 12:00pm and 2:00pm. When you pick up your pet from daycare you will be greeted by a happy, contented friend who is now ready to relax with their parents. Day care hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 6:30pm and Sunday from 9:00am to 5:30pm Day care services are $25 a day per dog or $100 Monday to Friday, this includes a weekly free bath* and 1 to 2 walks per day**. * Depends on size and fur condition. ** Weather permitting. HOME ABOUT SERVICES GALLERY REVIEWS CONTACT non-anesthetic dental cleaning According to the American Veterinary Dental Society 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by the age 3 show signs of periodontal disease. Without proper dental care for your pet they can develop gingivitis, which is plaque build-up on a cat or dog’s teeth and gums that may appear red and swollen. Click HERE for more information. boarding OVERNIGHT BOARDING AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!... "The Suite Life" That's what your pets will experience at Barks & Tales when they spend their night in a cozy B&T type suite, complete with their bed. Parents are encouraged to bring any items from home that they fell will make their pet more comfortable. We recommend that parents bring their pet's own food for their stay. A sudden change in diet can cause stomach upset and diarrhea which will add to your pet's stress. We will, however provide food for our guests if that is your choice. For those pets who take medications in pill or drop form... no problem! We will ensure that their medication is taken as scheduled. At Barks & Tales we do our best to accommodate all of our guests. 2037 NW 1st Pl, Miami,
809 Scottie Paws Pet Resort & Spa 2500 SW 107th Ave Ste 33
810 Scottie Paws Pet Resort & Spa Scottie Paws opened in 2015, and is owned and operated by head groomer, Aylee. Aylee is the proud owner of Scottish Terriers, and decided to name the store after her favorite part of her pets, their paws. Aylee honed the art of pet grooming through an apprenticeship and trade shows, learning the ins and outs of professional, compassionate pet grooming before opening the store. Aylee is determined to provide only the best products and services for the pets in her care. All shampoos, conditioners, treats, food, and other items in her store are made in the USA and are considered the best available in the grooming world. But that’s not all! Her tub, kennels, grooming tables, and boarding suites were purchased (or custom built!) for the maximum in pet comfort. Visitors to Scottie Paws are often excitedly greeted by Aylee’s beloved Scottish Terriers. While the original shop Scottie, Amber, passed away in 2017, you can still find Nilla and new puppy, Hannah, roaming around the store! 2500 SW 107th Ave Ste 33
811 Brickell Bay Animal Hospital Nothing beats staying at home when your owners go on vacation. But now you can enjoy total comfort and relaxation in our boarding condos. Try our cuisine or bring your own from home. Let our elite trained staff take care of your every need. Enjoy walks by the water, have fun in the sun, and see Brickell life in full swing. Remember to be sure to take advantage of a spa bath day while you stay. A dip in our spa tub will provide you with some much needed luxurious rejuvenation. Enjoy the massage and manicure during your spa treatment and please remember, no tipping–it was our pleasure. 940 Brickell Bay Dr
816 Pookie Bros Pet Sitting 474 Tullis Ave, Altamonte Springs FL
817 Chicago Pet Video Professional Pet Photography & Video Services 201 E Chestnut St Chicago IL
819 Arlington Veterinary Clinic Arlington Veterinary Clinic provides the highest quality of pet care services throughout Arlington, OH and the surrounding communities. We Are you planning a vacation? Need to go out of town on business? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to find someone trustworthy to care for your pet while you’re away? If you need to travel and can’t take your pet along, why not plan to have your best friend stay with us? Traveling can cause enough stress and anxiety – you don’t want to worry about whether your pet is being well cared for. We offer a convenient solution by providing boarding in our safe, clean, and comfortable environment. 17551 State Route 68 Arlington OH
820 Wright Pet Care Gulf Breeze FL
821 Schroon River Animal Hospital Welcome to Schroon River Animal Hospital, your local veterinarians in Warrensburg. We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Warrensburg and surrounding areas. 150 Schroon River Rd Warrensburg NY
822 Shagri-La Pet Resort At Shagri-la our main goal is to provide a safe, friendly environment for your furry family members. We know that even short term separation can be stressful on both you and your trusted companions. We strive to lower stress and increase comfort levels for both you and your pets during their stay with us. We accommodate your feeding schedules and allow you to leave your pet's preferred food with us if desired. We will provide a quality dry dogfood if you prefer. 8800 Erie Ln Parrish FL
823 Buckingham-Plano Road Veterinary Clinic If you’re planning a vacation and can’t bring your family pet along, we offer safe, reliable pet boarding services. With highly trained and knowledgeable staff, your pet will receive the quality care that they deserve. Whether you need overnight boarding or pet daycare, our facility can accommodate your pet no matter their size, age, or breed. Our staff adheres to strict handling, cleanliness, and safety guidelines so your pet is in trusted hands. As an added benefit, we do have veterinary staff on hand to take care of any health related issues that may occur while you are away. While these occurrences are rare, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is safe and sound. Ste 106 1332 Plano Rd Richardson TX
824 Paws at the Lake Pet Sitting "Quality Pet Care You Can Trust". 108 McAuley Court Mooresville NC
825 A Passion for Pets, LLC In-Home Pet Sitting Services at Competitive Rates OH
826 Club Pet Boarding Center Your dog will be greeted each morning by a caring Club Pet staff member. You can customize their day by selecting services from a variety of individual or group play options. All of our accommodations are spacious and comfortable, from our extravagant VIP suites to our welcoming Deluxe, Signature and Premium suites. 6525 helen woodward way Rancho Santa Fe CA
827 Dog's By Andy 144 Bevan Drive Mooresville NC
828 Robinhood Kennels & Cattery Safe, Clean and Comfortable Boarding Spaces for the Pets 5025 Robinhood Kennel Rd Tallahassee FL
829 Pet Depot 1895 Black River Blvd N Rome NY